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PVC WPC Building Template Extrusion Line

PVC WPC Building Template Extrusion Line
The machine unit is adopted specially designed SJSZ conical twin screw extruder. It adopts imported ABB and Siemens speed frequency converter and RKC, Omron temperature control device. It has the features of extensive adjusting range, high precision of temperature control, easy operation, etc. The auxiliary machine is composed of calibrating stage, haul-off, edge cutter transverse cutting machine and tilt stacker. The mould is equipped with moulds temperature cooling device to ensure the effect of surface forming. The roller tractor (8 pairs) is adopted imported speed reduction motor and frequency changer. It possesses the features of reasonable structure, large traction strength, stable traction, etc. The cutter has the character of being reliable, accurate, high cutting precision, etc. The material pushing stacker is attached movable material pushing device and specially designed rubber protective layer. It has features of no destroying materials, easy operation, etc. The auxiliary machine units are adopted programmable computerized controlling system to guarantee reliable and stable complete machine control.
Features and function:
PVC WPC Building Template have the features of sound-proofing, sound absorption, heat insulation, heat preservation, etc.
The quality of the board is fire-resistant. It can be self-extinguish without fire hazard. It can be used safely.
All series of products has the features of damp proof, mildew proof and no water absorption. , and the shock proof effect is very good.
The products can be treated normal wood processing tools.
It can be drilled, sawed, nailed, planed and pasted like wood material.
It can adopt heating forming, heating curling and folding.
It can be welded according to normal welding procedure. It also can be welded with other PVC materials.
Processing range: thickness: 3-20mm width 1220mm