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PVC Paint Free Plate and Foamed Plate Extrusion Line

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 PVC paint free plate is a kind of plate compounded from extrusion board and composite film. The material of the board is same with the film and the two can be melted together by three-roller hot compress, which make the plate smooth, good-looking, innocuity, anti-mouldy, endurance strength, good bending stress under paint free condition.

PVC foamed plate is a kind of new type skinning foam plate. The plate is core foamed and the surface of the plate is smooth, which guarantees light weight and strong intensity of the plate. The plate can be processed like wood plate. PVC foamed plates are widely used in fields of advertises engraving materials, construction, decoration, windows and doors of furniture, etc.

This production line can also be used to produce single layer and mono layer hand soft PVC plate/sheet and wide PVC leather for flooring.