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SJDKGZ Punching Spiral Corrugated Pipe Production Line

This production line can be used to produce spiral corrugated pipe continuously, punching holes on the bottom of tube. it has the features of high water permeability, resistant acid-base corrosion, flexibility, convenient to transport and install, etc. in order to prevent the silt from blocking, this production line equipped with non-woven fabrics covering device, collect punching and covering on a line.

Water permeate spiral pipe mainly used in the fields of farmland building(with the mud of sea), urban mud water drawing, etc. draw water with this punching spiral pipe can be shorted the dehydration time of the mud and the mud of sea. It can be used in afforestation field too, the market prospect is very board.

If changed the mould of this production line it can be used to make single wall corrugated pipe and prestressing force plastic corrugated pipe too, realize multiple use in one production line.

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