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SJTSG-PE Carbon Spiral Pipe Production Line

This production line is mainly used to produce PE spiral pipes which are largely used as protecting sleeves of optical electric cable, and they are increasingly used in fields of electricity, telecom, post activities, constructions of express way, port, etc. These pipes are characterized by high intensity and tenancy, erosion resistance, constant shape and easy transportation and execution, etc. They can be processed and bent into long pipes with various radians. Owing to these advantages, they are very popular with clients engaged in many fields.


● Dedicated single-screw extruder is especially used for producing polyolefin products, and the specialized

separating type mix-melting screw possesses features of high-speed extrusion and plasticization, etc.

● The pipe die head is designed in standard, and the reasonable flowing path ensures smoothness of the inside

and outside walls of the pipe. The way of assembling the die head is designed according to the client’s requirement,

which saves much room.

● Both scientifically designed copper spiral sizing sheath and the powerful inhaling vacuum device contribute to

high extrusion of the pipes.

● The tank is made of stainless steel, and automatic controller is used to control the liquid level. The peculiar spraying

nozzle brings about effective cooling and the motor ensures longitudinal movement and three-dimensional adjustment

in terms of the directions of upward, downward, left and right.

● The special sizing and cooling mode enable the production line to produce pipes whose diameter range is from 25mm to 200mm, at a speed of 0.8to 1.5 meters per minute.

               型号 Model

参数 Parameter



主机长径比length dia. Raito



生产管材范围 produced pipe range



生产能力(kg/h) production power



生产速度(m/min)production speed



总功率(kw) total power



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