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PP/PE/ABS/PS/HIPS/PMMA Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

PP/PE/ABS/PS/HIPS/PMMA Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

This production line is capable of continuously producing mono-layer or multi-layer PP,PE,ABS,PS,HIPS sheet with the width less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.2-2mm, the product are widely used in the fields of stationery ,One-off water cups, lunch boxes, jelly cups, beverage cups, food container, etc. thermoforming fields.

Extruder for Plastic sheet extrusion line:

Appropriate single-screw extruder (exhaust or not) should be chosen on the basis of different material, specially designed screw and advanced temperature controlling system ensure the good plasticization, high output and stable extruding.

Screen changer and mould : The quick screen changer of hydraulic system ensures the short course of screen changing without material-leakage, without machine stopping, according to material choice “T” type sheet mould, it can be add melt counting pump according to the different of materials to guarantee even thickness of sheet and the stability of sheet extruding.

Three roller calendaring machine for Plastic sheet extrusion line:

Adopts inclined(45°)three-roller calendering machine, equipped with roller temperature controlling device, the space of three roller can be adjusted manually and automatically, it has the function of emergency cut off ensure safety.

Bracket of cooling roller for Plastic sheet extrusion line :

Equipped with corresponding guide roller, the cooling effect is better. In addition, the edge-shearing and parting off device equipped can guarantee fixed width of plates and quality of edge.

Hauling off machine for Plastic sheet extrusion line:

Hauling with butyronitrile rubber roller and steel roller protect the sheet hauling stable.

Horizontal cutting machine for Plastic sheet extrusion line

Suit to fixed length cutting, adopt shaft programming device for counting, cutting error is less than 2mm, cutting synchronize with sheet producing guarantee the quality of cutting profile and the cutting action is steady for a long time.

The winder for Plastic sheet extrusion line :

Adopts double winder and driving torque motor, which realize synchronizing extruding and winding speed. According to customer's requirement can be equipped with friction coiling machine.

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