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PP/PE Plastic Sheet Cloth-Coating Production Line

The main machine of this production line adopts speed reducer of hard tooth surface, DC motor, Euro DC speed regulator, screen changer of hydraulic system, distributor, "T"- type mould, three-roller calendering machine and tractor of high speed and frequency control, roller let-off of double-position mode and deviation rectifying device.

It is capable of producing mono-layer or multi-layer PP/PE co-extrusion plates/sheets. Covering fabric braided and film on the double folds can reinforce the toughness and tensile strength. Should 50% masterbatch were added to central layer of this production line, its products are applicable to the external packaging especially for special iron plate, steel plate, etc.

Width of products :  ≤3000mm

Thickness of products  : 0.3mm-16mm

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